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Author avatars in Ventrian Articles using DNN profile image

If you want to show profile thumbnail for the authors and users in Ventrian Articles there is no default token that does the job, you could use Gravatar but this may not be the best solution as it requires users to open an account on another site. There is however help right in the DNN core functionality - DNN 6.2 and above.

The unique identifier for users in DNN is User Id, if you go and view your profile you will see it in the url. Mine on site is 787665 and the link is Feed/userId/787665

At the same time my profile picture can be viewed here You can try any user id and you will be looking at their profile image

How to optimise DotNetNuke 7 site for speed by improving page load, caching and use of CDN

This is a real example of what can be done to get your sites running faster before upgrading the hardware.
Starting point - this blog with following specification: Server: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1, IIS/7.5, .Net 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition, 2GB RAM, 1GHZ CPU – running multiple sites. DotNetNuke: version 6.1.5 running 10 sub portals

Stats before optimisation results:
Load time: 5.546s, First byte 1.491s, Start render 3.675s, Requests 66,

YSlow results:
Overall performance score 70 Grade C
The page has a total of 46 components and a total weight of 558.8K bytes
Primed cache: HTTP Requests - 4, Total Weight - 56.2K

Google Page Speed results:
Page Speed Score of 54 (out of 100)

Not a good set of results but here are the steps to get the site running faster.

DotNetNuke HTML5 reset base skin for DNN 6.2+

 DNN One Zero Skin

Continuing from my previous HTML5 boilerplate skinning file set I have decided to update the files and create a new reset HTML5 dnn skin.

The "DNN 1.0 skin" - available for download here, gives you a quick leg up in the skiining process. The file includes reset css, modernizr script, basic panes and controls. This will make your skin creation process easier and faster, additionally it will give you a helping hand in the process of making sure that your skin displays correctly across different browsers.
The reset skin has been developed and tested on DotNetNuke 6.2.

View the DNN 1.0 skin here >>

Allow large file uploads using TelerikEditorProvider in DotNetNuke 6

Very often we come across the requests to set larger file uploads for the editor in DotNetNuke.
The default setting allows you to upload 4mb which if you want to upload media files is not enough.

Here are the changes required to upload larger files via editor and file manager in DotnetNuke.
The example is based on using the TelerikEditorProvider set as the default html editor for the site and is based on DNN 6.01+

1. Setting the TelerikEditorProvider as the default editor for the site.

Under host HTML Editor Manager you can see the current provider and change it if required to TelerikEditorProvider

HTML Editor Provider settings in DNN

Mobile sites on DotNetNuke

Mobile SkinWith the current growth of smart mobile and tablet market you can not ignore the fact that your site should be mobile ready. Any business or organisation has to take into consideration how their website will look on mobile devices. When developing in DotNetNuke there are few different approaches you can take.

Apart from creating mobile specific site located on its own url (for example or maybe you should consider using the same portal and content for mobile devices as for desktops, just change method of delivery depending on the device used to access the site. The advantage of this approach is that you only have to maintain one site / portal.

Here are available options and their advantages.

jQuery tip avoiding loading delay

If like me you include your java scripts and

$(document).ready(function() {

at the bottom of the page, very often when using jQuery slide show (for example cycle plugin or similar), you will notice that the images load first and show up on the page before being hidden via script located at the bottom of the page.

There is a simple workaround that I use to make sure that this does not happen.

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